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Peter Blau receives inaugural Susan Rice Mentorship Award


At its gala luncheon reception in New York on January 15, the Baker Street Irregulars debuted a new award, to be presented annually to someone who has enriched and enlarged the world of the Great Detective by helping aspiring Sherlockians find their unique ways to keep green the Master’s memory. It is called “The Susan Rice Mentorship Award,” and our own Peter Blau was chosen as its first recipient.


Introducing the award, Curtis Armstrong, BSI, reflected on the standard set by the late Susan Rice as a teacher, friend and presiding genius to hundreds of Sherlockians, going back to the late sixties. “She not only knew how to unlock doors,” said Curtis, “she could break them down, if need be, and leave them open for everyone who came after her.”


Naming Peter Blau as the first recipient, Curtis noted that Peter’s welcoming qualities of openness, enthusiasm and generosity are equally inspiring. Whether resurrecting the dormant Red Circle, supporting the Baker Street Irregulars and its scions, or giving the upstart women of ASH encouragement to start up, Peter personifies the true meaning of “mentor.” Curtis concluded by quoting Bev Wolov: “Here’s the key to Peter: he collects more than books. He collects experiences. He collects memories. He collects friends.”


Congratulations, friend. And thank you.  1/21/22 AR


Full text of Curtis Armstrong's remarks here

Our own "Best-read resident"  According to a new article in Bethesda Magazine, the Red Circle's Michael Dirda qualifies as Montgomery County's best-read resident. And the title probably does not exaggerate. After all, Mike has been writing book reviews for the Washington Post for 45 years. Mike has just returned from the Sherlock Holmes birthday weekend in New York, where he was spotted scouring the Merchant's Room for still more things to read. Mike tells Peter Blau that he finds it "cringe-making" to read about himself. He adds, "The photo shows the book-lined steps up into my book-packed attic. Alas, there are also books in the garage, the basement and on shelves in the living room and master bedroom. As the button on my desk says, "Life? Of course I have a life. It's a life filled with books." Read the article here. Photo credit: Louis Tinsley  1/18/22 AR
Nick Meyer Highlights December Red Circle Meeting  We were pleased to welcome author, director and Sherlockian Nicholas Meyer to our December 4 Zoom get-together. Nick billed his talk as "The Great Escape," and it was a truly delightful escape into his personal takes on everything from art and life. . .to the value of pastiches. . .to Sherlock Holmes, with a few words about his fascination for Egypt, which inspired his new Holmes adventure, The Return of the Pharaoh. His presentation was followed by a lively and entertaining question-and-answer period. If you weren't with us live, we especially recommend the video, which you can watch by clicking the screen at the right.
  Peter Blau's Meeting Notes for the December 4 meeting are available here.
High Shticking: Ovechkin as Holmes  DC area hockey fans know that Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin is having another fine season, and has just claimed fourth place on the National Hockey League's all-time list of most goas scored. Meanwhile, back home in Russia, Ovy is appearing in a TV commercial for a local bank, donning the deerstalker to explain to a befuddled Russian businessman how easy it is to apply for a loan using the bank's app. And the last word in any language is, of course, "elementary." Click the arrow to play.



Goodbye to 10-year medallion  For the past year we've proudly displayed our 10-year medallion here on the home page. But we must now retire it, because November 2021 marked a full eleven years since our website went live. We've enjoyed the ride, enjoyed getting to know more and more Sherlockians at every turn, and enjoyed the continued enthusiasm for the Great Detective--even through the convulsive two years just past. As always, we invite you to explore our Archive via the right-hand box above. It's loaded with articles, meeting notes, Inner Circle highlights, quizzes and videos that chronicle our beloved Red Circle. And thanks for keeping us on your "favorites" list!

Around in Circles!  The circles may not have been red, but the century-old Dentzel Carousel at Maryland's Glen Echo Park was an irresistible draw for Peter Blau and Dan Stashower at our September 25 picnic. Peter claimed that he was looking for Silver Blaze! Read the meeting notes here, and take the "Parks and Recreation" Quiz here.
Senter Essay Contest opens  Calling all young Sherlockians in 4th through 12th grades! The Beacon Society tells us that the Joel R. Senter Essay Contest is accepting entries for the new school year. Cash prizes and plaques will be awarded to winners in three age groups. Each entrant must have an adult sponsor, so here's your chance to encourage and mentor youngsters as they make their early contributions to the writings about the writings. All entries are due by February 1, 2022, and complete entry information is here. Let the writing begin!
Sherlockian Societies info and interactive map are featured on the new and extremely useful website from the Beacon Society. Most Sherlockians know that the Beacon Society focuses its light on bringing the exploits of the Great Detective to young people. To advance that cause--and to provide an excellent resource for all Sherlockians--the Beacon Society's new website includes great information about Sherlockian societies along with a map pinpointing active groups and giving contact information for each. The Sherlockian Society page is here, and the home page for the new website is here.
Red Circle Pins Available  The pin has been proudly worn all over the Sherlockian world, from Rockville to the Reichenbach, so Red Circle members (which includes everyone who's ever been to a meeting) will treasure having their own. The price is $14.95 each, which includes shipping anywhere. Send an email to Tom Fahres to order.
Scuttlebutt: One Fixed Point in a Changing Age  Our own Peter E. Blau's monthly Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press has endured for some 50 years, and has a permanent home right here on our website. It's the most remarkable collection of Sherlockian news and notes anywhere, and your webmaster recommends a monthly visit. The very latest edition is available now, as are past numbers. It's just a click away--use the "Scuttlebutt" button at the top of the page.
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